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Family at the countryside

Anna's Way is a Christian Revival Ministry
that exists to expand God's glorious
end-time Kingdom by:

Releasing children & families into their prophetic destiny

Redeeming horses through the cross.

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Who We Are

Our Beginning & Future Hope

The "Anna's Way" Testimony:

One morning over a decade ago the Lord began to deepen 

the founder's understanding of His great love

by highlighting His beautiful humility-

how Jesus only came to glorify His father

Jesus explained: "My nourishment comes form doing the will of God who sent me, and finishing His work" 

(John 4:34 NLT)

It is our cry to do the same,

acknowledging that apart from Jesus

we can do nothing of eternal value-

but living IN and FOR HIM

and by the power of His Holy Spirit

we can be part of

His end time revival plan to supernaturally heal children

& position them into their prophetic destiny. 

It is the heart & mercy of God to

position the children as His mouthpiece,

restoring what the enemy has stolen

& pouring out His favor (for them) to walk in holiness & truth.

He is doing a new thing!

(John 12:14, Joel 2:25, Isaiah 43:19)

It's also time for the manifestation

of the sons and daughters of God

to redeem creation. 

Anna's Way has a specific call to the horse kingdom.  

We will follow the Holy Spirit to

bless, nurture, heal and set these beautiful creatures free

to love people and bless God.

(Romans 8:19)

We believe RIGHT NOW is the most glorious time to be alive in human history as

God is going to bring Jesus greater glory than He's ever received in the earth.

(1 Corinthians 2:9), Ephesians 3:20, John 14:12-14)  


Anna's Way was named after the worshiper in the New Testament

who gave her life to humble intercession

and being a pure, faithful follower of God. 

The Lord saw the sincerity of her heart

and revealed to her that Jesus would indeed bring redemption

We pray that this kind of love & faith

will be the source of supernatural HEALING & STRENGTH-

"Anna's Way".

  The flowers around the Anna's Way logo are sprigs from the

Flowering Heather Bush

which symbolizes this HEALING FROM ALMIGHTY GOD. 

"Our deepest desire is to behold and become the love of Jesus."

What We Do

Love, Pray & Believe

1 Corinthians 14:1 (Amplified)

Eagerly pursue and seek to acquire...LOVE [make it your aim, your great quest]; and earnestly desire and cultivate the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy

(interpret the divine will and purpose) [in teaching others].  

The Lord has spoken to the founder many times about this greek word. 

It is utilized 9 times in the New Testament to refer to the very most inward place of a person.   

Splanchna is  the place of our heart and is also the source of God's mercy, love and compassion

that we can experience for another. 

This deep  mercy then moves us to believe for God's incredible love to

bring forth revival that will save, transform and set us free!    

Image by Юлія Дубина
Girl with Horse

Heather Ann Schuster
Anna's Way Founder

Heather was drawn to Jesus as a young child-delighting in His peace and love.  The Lord spoke to her by the calming waters of her rural childhood home and gave her a HEART FOR PRAYER; and a longing to see families whole and healed.   After college she worked as a Public Affairs and Kid Programs director for a children's radio station.  In 2004 the Lord transitioned her into Children's & Family Ministry where she treasured seeing young families grow in wisdom and receive the peace found in Christ.   

She was baptized in water in her 20's and in the spirit in her late 30's. 


In 2007 she and her husband (Adam) of 21 years welcomed their daughter Chloe Bell. 

She received GOD'S BEAUTIFUL GRACE to work as a stay at home and homeschooling mom for 14 years

until the birthing of Anna's Way in 2023!

Additionally, Heather carries a special fondness and tender love for horses.  Their combination of power, beauty and grace combined with such a heavenly capacity for peace, tranquility and love often move Heather to tears.  She is absolutely in awe with how God has fashioned each one.  Heather also grew up showing and training horses and has reclaimed this love with her daughter over the last several years. 

One morning she had an encounter where the Lord said

"redeem the horses through the cross".

Anna's Way has been graced with a unique calling to bring heaven's restoration and bless the horse/rider friendship. 

"Anna's Way is simply a loving extension of my RELATIONSHIP WITH Father God, Jesus & Holy Spirit." 


M.A-Children's & Family Ministry (Bethel Seminary)

B.S.-Speech Communications (UW-River Falls)

A.A.-Inver Hills Community College 

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