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Clear Lake

The Office

Located at the founder's rural home (surrounded by pine trees)

this is the Anna's Way Headquarters.   

Occasionally the Lord brings children & families to our home for

specific discipleship and prayer.


Check-In/Out Desk

A COZY space to

greet families,

and perform Anna's Way day by day duties 


Gathering Space

A DELIGHTFUL area for families to

relax and receive

from the Lord. 

A place of healing refreshment.


Barn Doors

Special thanks to my wonderful husband and his gracious dad for creating these

BEAUTIFUL works of craftmanship!

waiting room_edited_edited.jpg

Waiting Area

This homy spot can be utilized per each

families unique needs.

We've also created a small children's library

& an arts cubby for busy hands. 

THE TRUTH is we just really LOVE CHILDREN!

waiting room_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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